Operation Management

Individual Assignment Brief

• Operations Analysis – The main assignment for this module is application based and attempts to be as relevant as possible to the needs of students. To this end, you may select the operation to be studied and the focus of the assignment project. The assignment is to process map, and critically analyse and evaluate an operation using material from the module.  **Please refer to Individual Assignment Brief for full details**
**I have attached some samples of the past course work for you reference.** Please refer to the attachments
• Create a process map of your operation. You do not need to use, in fact, you are discouraged from using process mapping software. Presentation software such as PowerPoint or keynote is perfectly adequate. Your process map must be contained within a single side of A4 – landscape formatted.
 • Use concepts, tools, techniques from the module, and apply these to analyse and evaluate the operation.
• Your analysis should identify the main operational problems in your subject.
• You should rank the problems in order of importance.
• You are to focus on one or two operational problems and make recommendations for improvement. Do not try to cover everything. Provide a brief argument for focusing on one or two operational problems and then concentrate on those.
• You are encouraged, in applying your analytical toolkit to use that which you have not used previously in your group-work.
• If you must reapply any material that you used previously in the group-work, then the “bar” is raised. You will have to carry out substantively deeper analysis.
• You may use material from other Operations Management subjects (for example from textbook chapters not covered in the module), but if you do so, please discuss your intentions with your module leader. • Critically, you should search for further reading in the Operations Management journals that enhances your knowledge of the concepts you will apply. If you apply module content thoroughly, then you will likely get a pass. If you can show application of further reading in the peer-reviewed Operations Management journals then you are likely to earn high marks.
 • There is nothing wrong with common-sense, but if all you do in this assignment is apply common-sense you will fail. You really need to demonstrate, by application that you understand Operations Management