Operation Management 2

Submit an Excel workbook with solutions to Problem 13 from Chapter 3.  Put each problem part (a-d) in a separate sheet.  You can do part e in the same sheet as part d.

Use the examples from class to create your solutions whenever possible.  If not, then try the Excel template and Solved Problems Ch3_Forecasting.xls to create your submission.

 Submit an Excel workbook with solutions to Problem 28 from Chapter 3.  NOTE:  You do not use “multiple regression” for your solution – we will actually use this problem to do that in the next class.  For homework, treat this as two regression models.  Just model the independent variable Sales(Y) against Price(X) and then Sales(Y) against Advertising(X).  Use your R-squared values or another technique of your own choosing and statistical experience to make the judgment call of which you think is the more important X variable.

Yes, this is the same example data we used in class – the objective is just to repeat the mechanics again and have a “solution” to compare against – just don’t you dare try to copy the in-class work to submit here.  Remember that there are also textbook Excel template and Solved Problems Ch3_Forecasting.xls you might prefer to create your submission but I always prefer our in-class procedure.