Operation Jaw Breaker In this assignment, you will undertake a comprehensive review of the  literature on your topic.  You should review at least six scholarly  sources and six additional sources that may be scholarly or not.  In  some cases, such as Operation JAWBREAKER, you will need to review the  books written by the team leaders, such as “First In” by Gary Schroen  and “Jawbreaker” by Gary Bernsten.  You may count each of these books as  a scholarly source.  When reviewing books, be sure to explain how the  authors’ approaches differ from one another.  Organize your review  thematically rather than by author and use it to structure the arguments  which you make in your paper.  I have attached the literature review  formatting guide which we use in the thesis course.   The  submission for this assignment needs to include all parts of assignment  one (the intro, the research question, the purpose statement, and the  eval methods) included with your literature review.  This means  that this assignment will be as one complete paper, approximately 8-10  pages (but no more than 12 pages) total, of which about 3 or 4 is your  literature review, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced.