Observations Analysis Paper

PY411 Social Psychology

Observations analysis paper guidelines: 3-4 pages


NATURALISTIC OBSERVATIONS. Students will be asked to conduct naturalistic observations of social phenomena in a variety of settings. Observations will focus on social psychological principles studied in class.


PAPER GUIDELINESIn this paper, you will analyze the observations you made in your chosen social settings according to the theory and research in the field of social psychology. You will write an individual paper addressing an aspect of your topic by relating it to any of the elements of social psychology discussed in class and in your textbook, such as, but not limited to: self-defeating acts, attributions, emotions/affect, cognitive dissonance, prosocial behavior, antisocial behavior, aggression, prejudice, discrimination, group dynamics.


Please include in your papers a description of your observations to serve as a reference point for your analysis. It should simply be descriptive enough to illustrate your points and discussion.


Another element of your paper will be a discussion of the specific points of theory, principle, and research that you believe are relevant to understanding your observations.


Finally, your discussion should culminate in an analysis of your observations according to what you learned in your readings (textbook, etc.). Your analysis should address any questions, controversies, speculations, etc. that relate to what you experienced/observed.


Papers are expected to be well thought out, provocative, and useful in advancing your understanding and application of the material in real life. As such, you will want to bring in relevant peripheral considerations, such as cultural or political issues that may relate to the matter at hand, and make suggestions for improving social conditions based on what you know of social psychology.


In addition to using your textbook, you may need to include current information from the popular culture, such as politics, economy, etc. Please use APA style for writing your paper, including references and in-text citations.