Non Verbal Communication And Social Media

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Non-Verbal Communication

I have been in several meetings and supervisions where I have found my supervisor reading emails and text messages while talking to me. This has been an issue from me mainly because it makes me lose my train of thought and make me feel as though he or she is not actively listening to what I have to say. It is said that by sending and reading emails during a meeting, you not only give the impression that you’re not interested in what’s being said,  but you also risk actually missing out on what’s being said (Event Planner, 2020). I have been in meetings where I have had to repeat myself multiple times in order for my supervisor to understand me better. I understand when there are urgent emails and texts and at times they may need attention, but just regular emails and text messages can wait.

Research states that If it’s really unavoidable to check urgent messages, let everyone know at the beginning of the meeting that you may need to check your phone intermittently (Stockell, 2014). I think this is polite and lets everyone attending know that they may be other things that you are focused on simultaneously that are urgent and may require your attention. I would appreciate this more as an attendee mainly because I know that the other a person is working on something but is also respecting my time. It is also true that being ignored can lead your colleagues to doubt whether you are interested in what they are discussing – as well as your dedication to the common cause (Stockell, 2014). I have often felt as though my colleague is not interested in what I have to say when they are busy checking emails, some people may not be aware of this but it is important to respect the other person.

Social Media

In my organization, social media is widely known as a recruitment platform especially through websites like linked in and indeed. Most new employees are recruited through these platforms as the agency is well known online. I know that majority of the employees that work in my agency applied for their positions through social media and it has been like this for years. The agency is well aware of their online social media presence and therefore most informative information, job openings, and COVID 19 updates are always updated there. Therefore, it is correct to say that social media is well used in my organization to achieve these goals. In order to prevent employees from abusing social media, employees are limited to phone time during their work. Employees are not allowed to use their phones around clients or in meetings where distraction could be a possibility. Also, I believe that lots of organizations monitor employee social media use when using work cellphones and laptops in order to ensure that no confidential information is shared or discussed in public.

Part 2

After reading the Applying OB section, I believe my LinkedIn profile does not fit the criteria listed. One thing that I would improve includes using the appropriate keywords, where their search function is effective, and recruiters use extensively. It is important for me to learn what they are looking for and be sure to include these words in my profile, and in my headline (Kinicki, 2021). After doing some research, one thing that I would work on is to make sure the headline field says a bit more about how I see my role, why I do what I do, and what makes me tick (Fleming, 2020).