NewYork Video

HIST147 Video Assignment – New York Documentary: Eric Canal (5 points)

Due: April 16 by 11:59pm (post response to Canvas)




This assignment assumes students have read Chapter 9 of the online textbook. Students should watch New York Documentary about the impact of the Market Revolution. While watching the film, students should complete the questions on the viewing worksheet and submit their responses to Canvas. Students can access the video through the video link in the “Week Two” module in Canvas and watch from 1:18:20 to 1:45:00. As an alternative, students can access the video directly through the Bellevue College Library.


To access the video through the BC library:

Go to BC Library website

Click on “Databases” (on the left)

Scroll down to “Films on Demand” and click

Search for “New York, 1609-1825: The Country and the City”

Start at 1:18:20 watch to 1:45:00


Responses can be written as either bullet points or complete sentences which ever works best to you note taking style.


Submitting Your Response


Students can submit their completed viewing worksheet in one of two ways.


1. You can download this file and type your responses below the questions on the viewing worksheet. And submit the file to Canvas.


2. You can print the viewing worksheet (page two of this document) and hand-write your responses as you watch the video. Then, take a photo of or scan your worksheet. You can submit the photo or scan to Canvas.



Viewing Worksheet: New York View Assignment – Erie Canal




What was the importance of the Blackball line?






What did John Jacob Astor do in New York City?






Who was Knickerbocker? What does the term represent?






Who was DeWitt Clinton? What was his vision for New York City?







What was the “grid plan” or the Commissioners Plan of 1811? What impact did it have on New York City?











What was the Erie Canal? What impact did the canal it have on New York City?