New Hire Communication Peer Review

Read the following sample student Week 3 New Hire Communication assignment. In the message, an HR staff member of ABC Company communicates the company’s culture, processes, procedures, and general information to new hires in emails.

Sample Student Work: HR Email Communication for ABC Company New Hires

Dear Employees,

During Day 1 of the training, we will provide you an introduction and general company overview. On Day 2, uniforms will be issues and E-learning will begin. You will continue E-learning on Day 3 and complete it on Day 4. We will also assign you an area for you to start working on Day 4. Day 5 has no work for you to do.

All employees must follow procedures. Employees must use the employee entrance and parking in the back of the building. If you arrive late to work, you must check in with your supervisor upon arrival. If employees need extra training, please inform the supervisor in the case they need extra training. Meal breaks are 30 minutes if working 8 or more hours. If working less than 8 hours, employees will get a 15 min break. Every first Monday of the month mandatory staff meetings take place in the conference department. You must attend the meeting. In the event you cannot attend, you must have prior approval from your supervisor.

Our company is dedicated to providing the best retail experience to customers by offering competitive prices and equal employment opportunities. Our company offers extensive training and development programs and opportunities for growth within. We offer employee stock options and competitive incentives year round. This position is also eligible for medical, dental, and vision insurance as well as a percent matching 401k program.

Our company offers a diverse cultural environment. We encourage our employees to voice their opinions and give feedback where they see fit.  All employees will be issued a standard uniform. The uniform policy is on page 7 of the employee handbook. If you have not received a handbook, please inform your trainer.

HR Department of ABC Company

Evaluate the message above using the evaluation guide provided. Indicate whether each item is met, partially met, or not met. Include any suggestions for the student to improve the message.

ItemsMetPartially MetNot MetSuggestions for Improvement:
The message provides useful information.    
The message is concise.    
The message is clear.    
The tone of the message is appropriate for the target audience.    
The message effectively reaches the intended goal.    
The message effectively persuades audience to take actions.    
Paragraph and sentence transitions are present, logical, and maintain the flow throughout the paper.    
The format of the message is easy to read.    
Additional comments: