Need someone to verify my answer to the following question:,,Perform the overall F-test for this model, i.e. state the null and alternate hypothesis, compute the test statistic for the overall F-test, and make a decision to “reject “ or “fail to reject” the null hypothesis. Test the statistical significance of the overall F-test using a critical value for alpha=0.05 from Table A.4 on page 376 in Regression Analysis By Example.,,Using the F-test to the hypothesis that all predictor variables have no explanatory power and all their regression coefficients are zero. So, the hypotheses become:,,H0: Y = B0,H1: Y = B0 = B1X1 + B1X2 + e,a = .05 ,,MSR = SSR/df = 750/50 = 15,F Statistic = MSR/ MSE = 15/5.2083 = 2.88,,Since the observed F-value of 2.88 is less than the crucial value for alpha .05 of 3.15 we do not reject the null hypothesis and assume the predictor variables do have explanatory power.,