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As in this entire course we learned about consumer behavior and marketing strategies to apply at high level introduction.

2. Consumer Behavior and Strategies

3. Products & Services: Consumer Behavior and Selection of Different product and Services

4. Influence of different Culture and its Values that influence the behavior

5.  Cross-cultural Influences

6. Digital Marketing

7.  Different aspects of Digital Marketing

— Focus on Retail Industry Digital Marketing Strategies

8 . Realtime example of Consumer Behavior 

9. Concept applied in Work environments/ Recommendations

10. Conclusion

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2. PAPER- 5 pages, 8 references, APA 5 edition. Same topic as above but in Paper format.


Mission and vision

• Mission: GAP is a brand-builder. “We create emotional connections with customers around the world through inspiring product design, unique store experiences and compelling marketing.” It’s goal is to simply make it easy for customers to express their personal style throughout their life.

• Vision: GAP hoped that effective Web initiative could let company to solidify its brand, improve customer relationships, serve markets that could not support a store and cut costs. Company also believed that going online would attract new customers and steal market share from competitors.


• In 1969, Don Fisher and his wife Doris opened the first GAP store in San Francisco. The company took name from “generation gap” and targeted the late-teen customers.

• By the end of 1970, there were six GAP stores already. Sales reach $2 million.

• In 1974 GAP introduced private label lines to pull it out of price-based competition with larger retailers. Private-label clothing lines gave GAP control over the entire supply chain.

• In 1976 GAP went public offering 1.2 million shares of stock on the New York and Pacific Stock Exchanges.

History (cont’d)

• In 1983 there were 566 GAP stores and Millard (“Mickey”) Drexler joined the company as President and COO of the Gap division. Drexler improved company’s margins, promoted growth and redefined its image.

• In 1983 GAP acquired Banana Republic. • In 1986 first GAP’s GapKids launched. • In 1987 company reached $1 billion in sales. • In 1987 GAP opened a new store outside US in London, and

in 1989 in Vancouver, Canada. • In 1992 GAP becomes the second largest selling apparel

brand in the world. • In 1994 GAP introduced Old Navy brand. • Gap has 3231 stores in world wide


Swot analysis

• Strengths • Highly recognized brand name • Gap has wide category which could cover all

customers • Gap treated as American icon • Effective inventory • Broad network of stores • Effective use of inventory program • Developed control of manufacturing process • Online store • Attractive employer brand


• Low profitability

• Low attraction to generation Y

• Poor effects of investments

• Decreasing sales

• Decreasing margin

• Low efficiency comparing to competitors

• Competition between group brands

• Limited marketing


• Generation Y are not brand loyal

• Brand extension (Gap kids,gap baby)

• International market

• 92% sales from physical stores


• Rising cotton price

• Cloth design is more important than price

• Slowing U.S. economy

• Slow target growth

• Market and culture differences

• Low market entry cost

• Low customers’ switching costs

Porter’s Five Forces

Rivalry among Existing Competitors

• high

– Strong brand image

– Industry Growth Rate

– Concentration

– Differentiation

Threat of New Entrants • LOW

– Strong brand image

– strong competition in market

– Economies of scale

– First mover advantage

– Access to the channels of distribution and


– And legal barriers

Threat of substitute products& services

• Moderate

• Buyers on price

• advertising

Bargaining Power of buyers

• Moderate

• Price Sensitivity

• Relative Bargaining Power

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

• Low

• Large number of vendors around the world

Strategy used by COMPETITORS





Nordstrom Reek

Highly promoting for ex Give films ,photo ,postcard desktop image and screen sever and select collage age sales stuff

using website , magazine and lifestyle for sales

Use promotional strategy sell its product at highly discount rate

Give top notch customer service

Industry Overview & Competitors


Strategic Marketing Plan Recommendation

 Customers aged between 15 to 55.

Generation Y

Brand Switcher Price Sensitive Fashion Sensitive

Generation X and Baby Boomers

 Brand Loyal  Special connection with Gap  Prefer basic and classic design, esp, semi-casual

Strategic Marketing Plan Recommendation

To Gap target customers aged between 15 to 55, Gap is the brand of

apparel retailers that offers the customers the classic, fashionable and

affordable clothes that meet their different needs and exceptional value.

Advertising Plan Strategic Marketing Plan Recommendation

Advertising Objective:

Build Gap new brand image through advertising by differentiating

Gap from other competitors and avoid cannibalization internally with

Old Navy.

Recall the image of “American icon” among old generations (Baby

Boomers and Generation X) in order to win back and reinforce their

brand loyalty.

Emphasis “Classic is the new fashion” among young generations

(Generation Y), and gradually help them build brand preference with


Advertising Plan Strategic Marketing Plan Recommendation

Message Strategies——High-involvement Transformational

Gap as a brand & Individual product lines.

By adopting affective strategies, we came out three taglines :

“Back to Classic” ——Brand image. (version 1).

“Classic is the new fashion” Gap Basic product line.(version 2).

“Welcome back, old sport” Gap Classic product line. (version 3).

Advertising Plan Strategic Marketing Plan Recommendation

Media selection

 TV

 Outdoor

 Print

 Online

Promotion Plan Strategic Marketing Plan Recommendation

Consumer Promotion


Free sample give-away coupon

Discount Coupon

Time-limited price-off coupon

“Birthday gift for you” VIP coupon

(2)Premium: Membership Program

VIP only free- gifts

VIP Coupons

VIP exclusive event invitations

Seasonal Gap magazine

Promotion Plan Strategic Marketing Plan Recommendation

Consumer Promotion


“Gap and I” Photo Contests

(4)Events Promotion

Gap Fashion Show

In-store VIP Appreciation Night

In-store Party

“Welcome Home Old Sport, Come to Join Us, New Dude!”

Media Allocation & Media Plan Strategic Marketing Plan Recommendation






Sales of Gap follows a seasonal pattern, and reach its peak before holiday season

Seasonal Priming Pattern

Media Allocation

• • •

months=120 • •

o_analysis.html • • • www.bizwiz.com

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