Need Help On Purchasing & Supply Chain

Unit 1: Discussion – Chapter Questions



Review all questions and select three questions to address in 100 or more words.  Support your thoughts with proven facts using the APA format. 

Make your initial post by 11:59 PM Thursday and reply to at least three classmates by 11:59 PM Sunday. Please keep your posts civil and show respect to your classmates.


1. Why are more top managers recognizing the importance of purchasing/supply management?

2. What are some of the factors that might influence how important purchasing is to the success of an organization?

3. Would you agree that the importance of the individual supply chain management activities vary with the type of business (e.g., purchasing vs. inbound transportation) and provide examples?

4. Briefly discuss each of the seven periods in the evolution of purchasing and supply management. What do you forecast for the future?

5. How can an effective purchasing department affect organizational performance?

6. Why do some firms no longer rely only on competitive bidding when awarding purchase contracts?

7. Why is it important to measure and monitor supplier performance improvement over time?

8. Discuss the concepts of ethics. Why is the purchasing profession particularly to this topic?

9. What are the risks associated with backdoor (maverick) buying and selling? Why is purchasing interested in controlling this business practice?

10. Discuss the most important elements that characterize the most successful efforts at integrating suppliers in new product development. How do these factors contribute to success?

11. What criteria are most important when considering whether a supplier should be involved in a new product development effort?

12. What are the impacts of increasing worldwide risks on supply management and the need to work closely with other functions and suppliers? Why?