Professors instruction*My main concern is the overall info provided in the paper. It is clear to me that you did not look at the sample summary document that I shared with class material. This is more of a proposal rather than providing information what others have done in the field of proactive forensics in HealthCare. For instance you have a sentence “The project will involve a lot of research to obtain information, so I will use both qualitative and quantitative research methods and tools (Melanie S Brodnik, 2012).”

well you could summarize their work instead of telling you’ll follow what they have done. Again, from your document it is not clear to me what others provided in the field and that is a major concern.

Use the IEEE template ( for your paper. All formatting, e.g. font size, section headers, etc., must follow the template. 

Control the length of your paper to 4 to 6 pages

• Your paper should have the following sections:

• Abstract 

o Define the current state of the problem/relevant work. (1-3 sentences)

o Tell about your contribution in this field (1-2 sentences)

o Tell about your results (1-2 sentences)

o Tell about how you evaluated (defended) your results (1 sentence)

• Introduction

o Describe the background of your research and explain why this research is important (1-2 paragraphs) 

o What you have done (in 2-5 sentences) (In 1 paragraph)

o Tell about your results (1 sentence)

o Tell about the contents of the rest of the paper (1 paragraph)

• Background (Literature Review)

o Tell the audience what have been done in this research field by others, pros and cons, and what is still missing and needs to be improved (this is why your research becomes valuable). This is where most/all of your references should be cited. I expect most of your R01 will pop-up here.

• Methodology

o Here you should describe your research in details. The models, detailed algorithms, implementations, configurations, etc. — all need to be described in a clear and logical manner (Explain your methodology and use visual items (figures) for your design). This section can have multiple subsections.

• Results/Simulation/Test Case

o Tell about the test case(s) you used.

o Tell about your results (accuracy).

o Figures and tables are highly recommended.

• Conclusion:

o This section draws conclusions and gives the direction of future research work

• References: 

o List ALL Cited references here using standard IEEE format. It should be around 8 to 15 based on your R01 and some additions that you will make to describe the problem and significance of it.