WBS – Individual Assignment – MS Project

Develop a WBS for your project selection (from week 1).

You must save and submit the MS Project file in a view where all applicable fields and graphics are visible when opened. 

A. Identify at least 4 major components/deliverables and provide at least 5 levels of detail for every deliverable. (ex: If there are 4 major deliverables x 5 levels there will be 20 lines in the WBS).

B. Identify the deliverables and resources (roles/function) responsible for each deliverable/sub-deliverable.  

C. Submit a graphical representation reflecting all elements.

D. Briefly describe the project (scope and/or description from your charter) you are using for this WBS in the submission comments section also.

(Hint: Refer to PMBOK Chap 5, pg. 125+, LG Chap 4, pg. 108+, MyCourses /Lessons/Course Materials/ WBS Tutorials)

Again, please review the grading rubric for this assignment.

Project Charter Project Bay shore food truck Created by Mohammed Aldosary Date 10/14/2020

Phone 8135779332 email

Project purpose or justification

Jeremiah’s Italian ice cream company was founded in 1996. There are two franchised stores in Tampa, one is on North Dale Mabry highway and other one in south is closed temporary. The purpose of the project to expand the brand’s reputation in south Tampa.

What is important about this project is that the city has only one store that is opened and functions currently. It is been successful by North Dale Mabry unlike the south. Opening one as a food truck on bay shore will bring more customers in bay area and downtown.

objectives & success criteria

Business requirements – Authority from Tampa city – Food truck license – Food truck Driver

Technical requirements – Freezers – Fridges – Ice cream containers

High level requirements

Location on Bayshore High-level risks

The food truck will be a great idea to provide and serve customers with the ice cream products. However, it is clearly not going to provide all the selection as it may be hard to have space for all verities of ice cream.

High-level project description and boundaries

Authority from Tampa city as there is no food trucks around bay area.

Summary milestone schedule

According to A food truck license cost is $347 for the whole year. Food trucks whether used or new cost between $50k to 200k. In general, the summery budget including papers and purchasing a truck can be around $150.

Summary budget

CEO: Jeremy Litwack

Stakeholder list

– Ceo/ founder of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

– Director of Brand Development at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

– Director of corporate operations

Project approval requirements

– The food truck will allow people on Bay shore to get a taste on the Italian ice cream experience while enjoying a walk the Bayshore

– There are no competitors on bay shore, so that will easier to attract more customers

– More people walk or use bikes around that area, providing a food truck that drives around will help to get to customers.

Assumptions and constraints

Lindsey Hana – Director of Corporate Operations at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

Assigned project manager

Jeremiah Italian ice (cooperative office) Project Sponsor

Reference page

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