Motivation On Job Performance

Explain the major forms/ functions of the selected organizational factor, the consequences of low levels of the organizational factor, and how a manager could to overcome such a situation when it happens. Critically evaluate the relevance of the organizational factor to boost an organizational excellence.

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the theory and literature relating to the organizational factor. 

2. Show how the organizational factor can be applied within an organization. 

3. Provide a paper which is well written, clear, concise and coherent; all sources should be properly referenced. 

4. The length is about 15 to 20 pages including references, figures, cover, TOC, etc. 

5. Use at least 15 journals to support your argument. 

6. 1.5 spacing, Times Roman.




-Relationship between motivation and job performance


-Implications to global

-Implications to manager and workplace

-General conclusion