Your paper will be evaluated with attention to the following elements

**3 pages excluding the cover page and the references (750-1000 words)

**Mechanics, Usage, and Grammar

**Original content and thought

**Includes thoughtful analysis and commentary on the provided article plus the outside source you find to answer the proposed question(s).

**Document design and layout

**At least 2 external, quality research sources must also be consulted, and referenced in the text and cited in the Reference Page.

**Follows APA format for in-text citations and Reference Page.


Tax considerations affect whether one chooses to do business as a certain form of business organization. Using an analysis of the three major business forms—sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations—figure out what form would be most advantageous financially to use assuming that each one of them had an annual income of $100,000. The analysis must include: formation and operation, risk/liabilities, tax treatment of parties involved, and dissociation and dissolution. What steps could one take to minimize the amount of federal income taxes imposed upon each type of business enterprise?