TV and the American Family HUM-110HM-OL03-200 WORDS


The Discussion Board is an academic forum. Research is required for all written assignments (text book, internet, library, etc.). You must indicate knowledge of what you are learning. That is how the assignments are assessed. Your personal opinion, bias, judgment is not relevant to the evaluation and analysis of the tv episode. You must indicate knowledge of what you are learning

Elaborate on the details letting me know that you can demonstrate an understanding of characters’ personalities, motivations, behavior and the situations that give rise to conflict and resolution. Use the terms, phrases and concepts that you are learning in the text when you evaluate specific situations relevant to the DB question. Let me know that you understand the vocabulary from the text. Include SPECIFIC examples from the episodes to support your statements. 

Format: You are required include in text citation and a list of references correctly formatted in MLA or APA style. Visit for help with formatting.

Submitting Assignment: You are required to submit the Discussion Board essay directly to the DB window so other students can read your essay and respond. You You can include photos on the DB.

Research: DO NOT CITE WIKIPEDIA AS A RESEARCH SOURCE. It is not a reliable source of information. Use the textbook and the resources listed below. Remember that your personal opinion is not relevant to evaluation and analysis. You must indicate knowledge of what you are learning. That is how the assignments are assessed. You will not be graded on your opinions of art.

Verification Report: will scan the assignment for a verification report. Similarity scores must be below 20%. Use your own words when paraphrasing or summarizing your research. Keep direct quotes to a minimum. You cannot use someone else’s words and call them your own.

Grade Weight: 10%

Respond to Classmates: You are required to respond to two classmates with SUBSTANTIVE responses that enhance the learning experience and deepen the understanding of the issues; including links, images and references to indicate research. Substantive responses need to foster critical thinking and help expand the topic. If you do not respond to classmate postings 35% of the grade is deducted.

Length of Assignment: 100 word MINIMUM for main post. A 25 word minimum is required for each response to a classmate’s posting. The minimum will not result in a superior grade.

Due Date: The main response to the Discussion Question is due by midnight ET Thursday each week. A 10% deduction will be applied for posts that do not comply with the Thursday schedule. The responses to classmates’ posts are due by midnight ET Sunday. Discussion Board assignments will not be accepted after the Sunday deadline. No excuses, no exception, no extensions.


After viewing the episode of Beaver Finds a Wallet answer the following questions indicating research and knowledge:

–What is the theme of this episode?

–Does Ward do the right thing when he deceives his son at the end of the episode?

–What terms, phrases or concepts from this week’s textbook reading apply to the issues here? Explain why indicating knowledge of what you have learned.


In the course, click on CONTENT…then click on TABLE OF CONTENTS.

The window will open and under the MODULE 1 heading you’ll see a Module 1 link, the Introductions link and the DB link. Within this window, click on the Module 1 link and a new window will pop up.

In the upper right hand corner of the new window you’ll see a long, gray rectangular drop down menu. Click on the arrow and you’ll see a list that includes all the assignment options.

–Click on Watch and you’ll find the link for “Beaver Finds a Wallet.”

Evolution – Your Inner Fish SCI-115SC-OL03- 200 words


Discussion Topic
Task: Reply to this topic

All of you are probably familiar with the basics of a scientific experiment. Perhaps you’ve helped your child out with a science fair project, or you have an interest in science yourself!

For this discussion question, you should describe a *simple* experiment that you could perform in your own home. It should not be anything that would take you more than 20-30 minutes to perform. You should tell your peers about your experiment. (It is not necessary to actually carry out the experiment at this point, but provide as much detail about how you would do it as you can).

Once you have posted your own experiment, you should respond to at least one of your peers with questions about their experiments. Ask them to elaborate on the question that they are trying to answer. Ask them to clarify some aspect of their experimental design. The questions that you ask are up to you!

Try to “spread the love” around. If you see that a classmate has not been asked any questions yet, consider responding to them.

Bottom of Form

Return to the Discussion post that you made at the beginning of this module. Taking what you have learned about the scientific method, redesign your experiment, making sure that you are carefully following the steps of the scientific method. You should also consider the feedback that you received from your peers. If there were a lot of questions about your experimental design, likely you did not provide enough of that information the first time around.

Then… do the experiment! Remember, it should not take you more than 20-30 minutes to perform. If it does, you may need to consider starting from scratch.

Once you’ve done your experiment, you should write a post in the Discussion forum about your experiment. You should tell your peers about your experiment, and provide the results of your experiment. Make sure that you are carefully indicating the steps of the scientific method as you go!

You may use any format that you would like in your post: a short video, pictures, PowerPoint, etc. Get creative!