Assuming your instructor has approved your research topic for the Week 2 milestone, you are required to begin drafting your Portfolio Project literature review section this week, based on the 10 peer-reviewed articles you selected in Week 2. You may include additional peer-reviewed articles, if necessary. At this point, you have already fine-tuned your research question based on your instructor’s guidance and course work, as well as your introduction section. At this stage of the course, you understand the elements of literature review, and know how to critically examine articles related to your research question and draft your introduction.

When writing your literature review, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Your literature review should be 4 to 6 pages in length, organized, and well-written in conformity with the app. 
  • Support your answers using peer-reviewed articles or scholarly journals, in addition to the course textbooks.
  • Include a title page, section headers, an introduction, a conclusion, and a references page.

topic and purpose statement: 

The paper describes how global warming affects business activities today. Some of the of global warming effects on business activities discussed in the paper include uncertainty in business, reduction of economic growth, and closure of some businesses. 

Improvement of the original purpose statement

The paper should describe how global warming affects certain sectors as well as the strategies that businesses should follow to reduce the risk. The paper should also illustrate how the business can meet the challenge of global warming, (Olson, 2015). My suggestion is an improvement of the original purpose statement since it does not only describe the impact but also some of the ways that business should follow to reduce the risks that are associated with global warming.

The original paper only explains three impacts of global warming. However, other impacts of global warming on the business include mass migration. Global warming may lead to people migrating from one country to another as they seek refuge, (Pinkse & Kolk, 2016). Global warming can have an impact on the price of goods and services. In addition, global warming can lead to a change in demand as people migrate from one place to another. 

When discussing the impact of global warming on businesses it is important to state the various ways that one can reduce global warming. Some of the ways to reduce global warming include reducing deforestation, (Amran, et al., 2016). Stating campaigns that are against deforestation. Investing in efficient energy technologies can lead to a clean energy economy. Since global warming is mainly caused by air pollutions companies or businesses can reduce global warming by developing green products and services, (Dallas, 2017). The company or business should assess how the new product or existing demand can meet the needs of the customer as well as reduce environmental impact.