MHR – Week 3 HIA

After you have read this week’s required journal article (Houghton and Yoho, 2005), complete the following:

Identify and describe the key components of the contingency model of leadership as presented by the authors. Analyse the relationship between certain key contingency factors and outcomes, such as follower involvement, dependence, creativity, and psychological empowerment. Evaluate the findings of the authors compared to the theories covered this week with regards to creating and sustaining productive leadership.

1.    The assignment should have an introduction and conclusion.

2.    Your answer should include three citations or more.

3.    Your citations should be as per the Harvard Referencing System.

4.    Provide specific examples from the real world to support your argument.

5.    700 words

Satisfactory answers will demonstrate clear understanding of the topics and issues related to the assignment and will be able to explain the reasons in more depth using examples from a real business world. Excellent answers will be able to raise appropriate critical questions.