MGT/418 6 Power Point Slides

Table of Contents

Code of Business Conduct and ethics

Compliance With Laws, Rules, & Regulations

Conflicts of Interests

Insider Trading Policy

Discrimination and Harassment

Health and Safety

Price Fixing

Bribery & Payments to Government Personnel

Record keeping, Reporting & Financial Integrity

Questions & Reporting Violations

Legal Department oversees ethics at Amazon

According to Inc (1996-2017), “ employees should always act lawfully, ethically and in the best interests of” The code of business conduct and ethics is established with the purpose of setting basic guiding principles that all employees must follow.

The compliance with laws, rules and regulations state that employees must follow applicable laws, rules and regulations at all times.

The conflicts of interest section stares that employees are expected to use their judgment to act, at all times and in all ways in the best interests of

The insider trading policy ensures that employees may not trade in stock or other securities while in possession of material, non-public information or give out non-public information from

The discrimination and harassment section lets all employees know that will not tolerate any illegal discrimination or harassment of any kind.

The health and safety section states that provides a clean, safe and healthy work environment.

Pricing and fixing section lets employees know that they cannot discuss prices with competitors or make deals with them.

Bribery and payments to government personnel states that employees may not bribe anyone for any reason or receive illegal payments.

The record keeping, reporting and financial integrity lets all partners know that’s books, records, accounts and financial statements must be maintained in appropriate detail.

Questions and reporting violations lets the employees understand that if they needed to report violations they are able to do so by first letting management know then the legal department.

The legal department oversees and ensures that all employees of are abiding by the code of business conduct and ethics.


Code of Business Conduct

Code of Conduct for Non-Employee Directors

Anti- Competition

Act with Integrity Around the Globe

Integrity in the Company

Conflicts of Interest

Integrity in Relations with Others

Ethics and Compliance Committee & Senior Management Team oversee ethics at Coca-Cola company

The Coca-Cola Company’s code of business conduct and ethics guides the actions of all employees. According to The Coca-Cola Company (2017), “ The code helps their people do the right thing and play by the rules wherever they operate around the world.”

The Code of Business Conduct consists of 4 parts:

Acting with Integrity Around the Globe: states what is expected of all employees and managers

2. Integrity in the Company: consists of how employees are to handle business and financial records and company assets. This section also lets the employees know how to respect and be discreet with the company’s information.

3. Conflicts of Interest: states that no employee should allow conflicts of interest to interfere with the company.

4. Integrity in Relations with Others: consists of anti-bribery, political activity and trade restrictions. This section also expresses how employees should treat consumers, competitors, customers and suppliers. All parties should be treated fairly and with the utmost respect.

The Ethics and Compliance Committee oversees and regularly monitors and audits the company to ensure compliance with the code of conducts.


Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Conflicts of Interest



Public Disclosures

Financial Integrity & Responsibility

Confidential Information

Protection of User Data

Protection & Use of Facebook Assets

Compliance with the Laws

Reporting Violations

Human Resources & Legal Department oversees the ethics at Facebook.

According to Facebook (2017),” employees are expected to act lawfully, honestly, ethically, and in the best interests of the company while performing duties on behalf of Facebook.”

The code of conduct consists of:

Conflicts of Interest: states that Facebook personnel should attempt to avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest and they shouldn’t interfere with Facebook.

Harassment: states that Facebook does not tolerate unlawful harassment or any mistreatment by or of workers.

Communications : Employees should ensure that all business records and communications are clear and accurate.

Public Disclosures : public disclosures should be full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable.

Financial Integrity & Responsibility : Facebook personnel are expected to act responsibly and exercise sound judgment with respect to matters involving the company finances.

Confidential Information : Business information should be kept in strict confidence and everyone should protect it. All employees must never share this information.

Protection of User Data : When having access to user data employees must treat this information with sensitivity and caution.

Protection & Use of Facebook Assets : The use assets should be used with care with the interests of the business in mind.

Compliance with the Laws : consists of

Anti- corruption laws

International trade

Lobbying and campaign finance


Insider trading

Environmental Health and Safety

Reporting Violations : In order to report a violations employees can report first to management then human resources will further look into the matter. Human resources will contact internal audit and the legal department.

Human Resources and ultimately the Legal Department oversee the ethics at Facebook and make sure that all employees comply.


Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Guidance and Voicing Concern

Workplace Environment

Business Practices

Intellectual Property & Property Information

Community Involvement

How Starbucks treats Customers


Wage & Hour Rules

Workplace Health, Safety & Security

Starbucks Quality and Customer Protection

Substance Abuse & Weapons

Business Ethics and Compliance oversee Starbucks ethics

Starbuck’s business ethics and compliance was to established to ensure that all employees uphold responsibility, to provide guidance and a rule of thumb to follow daily in the workplace. Starbucks believes that it is so important that each employee take responsibility for acting ethically in all situations.

Guidance and Voicing Concern: All employees are encouraged to ask for guidance and voice concerns by going first to the manager then the issue will be taken to the Partner Resources Representative and the finally end with the Business Ethics and Compliance department.

Workplace Environment: Employees should treat one another with respect and dignity. The work environment should be free from harassment, bullying and discrimination.

Business Practices: All employees should have full compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which Starbucks operates. All employees must also avoid conflict of interest.

Intellectual Property & Property Information: Starbucks information should be only used for company purposes and should not be disclosed to anyone outside of Starbucks.

Community Involvement: Starbucks is committed to community involvement and encourage all employees to be involved as well.

How Starbucks treats Customers: Employees should make every customer experience pleasant and fulfilling. Employees should treat customers with dignity and respect. Employees should never harass or discriminate against customers.

Diversity: Starbucks embraces diversity not in the employees but also with the suppliers and customers.

Wage & Hour Rules: Starbucks is committed to following all wage and hour laws and regulations.

Workplace Health, Safety & Security: All employees are expected to follow all safety, rules and practices.

Starbucks Quality and Customer Protection: Starbucks is committed to making effort to protect customers health and safety.

Substance Abuse & Weapons: Employees are not permitted to the use of alcoholic or controlled substances and illegal drugs. Employees may not possess a weapon on the premises of Starbucks.

The Business Ethics and Compliance department of Starbucks oversees the ethics in the company and ensures that all employees comply.


• Why do you think that being perceived as “ethical” may or may not be important for a business? 3 slides

• Why do you think that being perceived as “ethical” may or may not be important for a business? 3 slides

• Why do you think that being perceived as “ethical” may or may not be important for a business? 3 slides

• What are some other potential strategies that the firms may want to consider, and why? 3 slides

• What are some other potential strategies that the firms may want to consider, and why? 3 slides

• What are some other potential strategies that the firms may want to consider, and why? 3 slides

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