Meta Themes Draft

Meta-themes Paper (18 Points) Supports Global Engagement outcome

The Meta-themes Paper requires you to bring together material from throughout the term and use it to illustrate what you have learned about the cross-cutting themes of the course. You should be able to complete parts of the Meta-Themes Paper over the course of the term. submit a min. 4-page draft including 2 themes properly formatted and APA in-text citations. NB: if draft revisions are not incorporated in the final paper you may lose up to 5 points).

Review the detailed Turnitin instructions (Links to an external site.) on how to submit your assignments. 

Assignment Expectations:

  • The Meta-themes Paper must be uploaded by the deadline. There are no extensions on this assignment deadline. 
  • The Meta-themes Paper is worth 18  points.

The Meta-themes paper must be formatted as follows:

  • Word document
  • Cover page with your name, Panther ID, date of submission, course name/number, and semester Double-spaced
  • Left-justified
  • One-inch margins
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Page numbers in the upper-right-hand corner
  • Illustrate each Meta-theme through 2-3 pages of text, not including the cover page and references.
  • Please cite sources APA style using in-text citations and a reference list. Remember that all the references will be to the assigned Readings or Cases, so simply use the information from the syllabus for each source you cite.
  • You can reuse the same Article or Case Study to illustrate multiple Meta-themes. However, you must cite at least two (2) Articles and two (2) of the Case Studies