Me Late Chocolate, ColombiaAbout the Company Me Late Chocolate was founded in November, 2010. It manufactures and commercializes 100% Colombian, handmade chocolate and chocolate-based products. The product lines include chocolate bars and truffles, pastry and desserts, and chocolate-based drinks. The store is located in Medellin, Colombia. We also offer corporate chocolates and services and cater for social events. We currently employ 8 people, two in production, 5 in sales and 1 in management. The products we are looking to internationalize are the ones in the chocolate bars and truffles line. This includes Pralines, truffles, and bars with different fillings and varying cacao content: White chocolate (0%), milk chocolate (25-36%), semi-dark and dark (59-85%). Some of the fillings in the bars and chocolates are: Passionfruit Cherry Orange Lemon and champagne Yogurt Baileys Coffee Amaretto & Almonds Tequila Caramel Peanut butter Mint Pistachio Hazelnut Almonds Coconut Lemon Cinnamon