MBA Work 8

Discussion1_Leadership: 1 page references in APA format:

Using an Internet search engine, search for “strategic alliance” and identify three recently formed alliances. Be sure not to share the same alliances shared by your classmates. For each alliance, identify whether the companies’ other products are generally competitors or complementary. What are the goals of each alliance? What brought them together? Discuss how you think a strategic alliance is or is not an effective way for these organizations to meet their goals.

Discussion2_org change: 1 page references in APA format:

Although all departments of an organization should work toward a common goal, there are often conflicting objectives. For example, finance wants to keep costs down, whereas the design team wants to add an extra feature to the product.

Share an example of an inherent conflict within your organization (or a hypothetical or past example if you are not currently working). Describe the activities and the nature of the conflict. What systems and processes does your organization use to manage inherent conflicts?

Mini assignment org change: 2 pages

Write a 1- to 2-page reflection about your conflict management skills.