MBA 5410

Upload a Word document to inform the instructor what you have selected as a research project.  Include a brief paragraph on why you have selected this topic

You may select from the list provided 

Project/Term Paper Topics

Managed Care – Its Impact on the Delivery of Healthcare Service

The Evolution and Impact of Healthcare Marketing

Employee Engagement and Appreciation

Healthcare Economic Systems and Organizations

Management of Change in Healthcare

Job Satisfaction in the Healthcare Workforce

Healthcare Reform / Affordable Care Act

Customer Service in Healthcare


Emerging Medical Technologies

Quality and Patient Safety

Cultural Diversity in Healthcare

Impact of Generational Differences in Healthcare

Electronic Medical Records

Quality and Patient Safety

LEAN/Six Sigma

The Healthcare Working Environment

Changing Hospital / Physician Relationships

Competition in Healthcare

Clinical Technology

Information Technology

Healthcare Staffing Challenges

Contemporary Management Theories Affecting the Delivery of Healthcare Services

The Healthcare Regulatory Environment

Non-for-Profit vs Proprietary Hospitals

The role of Government in the Delivery of Healthcare Services

Pay for Performance Reimbursement Models

How to Decrease the Escalating Cost of Healthcare

Infant Mortality – Why is the rate so High in the U.S.?

Healthcare Ethical Issues

Has the Time Come for National Health Insurance?

Health Promotion/Wellness

The Ageing of the Population and Its Effect on Healthcare