Marketing Plan

Company: Amazon Books

Target Market: China

– Marketing Strategies to Create Value (3 pages) for the in the US and MEXICO Markets. Each of the following should be described as specifically as possible, and with strategic justification given in light of the major issues pointed out in the previous section. 

– a. Segmentation Strategy: Divide the market into meaningful smaller markets or submarkets based on common characteristics. Define the main segments of your market. What characteristics define these segments? What are your segmentation strategies? 

– b. Target Marketing: Evaluate the market segments and make decisions about which among them is most worthy of investment for development. Who have you identified as the most appropriate segment (target) for this product/service? Create a profile of a typical target consumer and describe them in specific detail. Why have you chosen this target market over others?

Discuss customer lifetime value of your segments and discuss how much marketing expenditure you will spend on acquiring and retaining customers. 

– c. Positioning Strategy: How do you want your product to be perceived by your target market? What are key points of competitive differentiation, highlighting your points of difference and points of parity? Be sure you include an explicit – positioning statement here that reflects the key value proposition you are recommending. Why is this a strong positioning strategy?

– Make sure you support each for bibliographic references. Make sure that each team member includes at least 5 bibliographic references that are linked to the content of your project indicating the name of the team member that contributed with the correspondent reference