Marketing Journal

 This week, you will have an opportunity to practice completing identifying pricing strategies. Fill out the below table and submit it to Waypoint as the journal requirement for this week. You can access the table by downloading the Week 3 Journal Entry template

BUS 330 Principles of Marketing Week 3 Journal

Week 3 Journal

Brand, and Product, orServiceName Pricing Strategy from Table 5.3Pricing Strategy Definition and UseYour Rationale for the Pricing Strategy Selection
Royal TreatmentPet grooming and pet spa services for dogs and cats               
Custom-madeConverse Shoes
3 Restaurants’ (of your choice) course dinner menu on Feb 14 of each year.
PearlsAndLavender Hand-made ceramic and brass jewelry offered by a self-employed.   
Southwest Airlines The world’s largest low-cost carrier.
Off-season hotel room prices on weekdays.


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