Marketing Final

APA format writing and citations accordingly.  

Question 1 (33.34 points) 

During the course, you learned much about Professional Selling. Now after taking this course, select one of the ten modules introduced in your reading and explain how you have improved your own personal selling skills keyed to that module. What did you learn and how would you apply this to your own career? Again, choose one of the ten modules and explain to me not only what you learned but more importantly how you will apply what you learned to your current or planned career. (Deliverable length 350 – 500 words)

Question 2 (33.33 points) 

As you know ethics plays a very crucial role in Professional Selling. How will your personal ethics, after taking this course, contribute to the overall success of your company or business with regard to Professional Selling. (deliverable length 250- 350 words)

Question 3 (33.33 points) 

In your words, briefly describe the challenges of prospecting and what you learned. Moreover, in your own words, why should “prospecting” be made a priority in the Professional Selling process? Lastly, explain the importance of planning the initial sales call. (Deliverable length 350 – 500 words).