Managing Service Operatns

Case ReportsTo prepare for a case report, you should read each case and analyze the data that it presents.  Try to use systematic thinking:

  1. Outline the major issues presented by the case;
  2. Identify the analytical techniques or frameworks appropriate for resolving the problem, and
  3. Outline steps to implement a specific course of action that is supported by the analysis. 

The name of the case should be on the first page of the text with your names, date, and course number.  I will not accept executive summary. Papers should be concise and coherent.

You will submit (individually) a 2-page (double space) analysis of the case, shortly describing:

  1. The problem on hand
  2. Identifying the important points
  3. Recommending a solution approach.

This report will be submitted in Dropbox. Emailed reports will not be accepted. 

Case Study Questions:

  • What is Toyota’s business model?
  • Who is involved in the TPS, and how are they affected by it?
  • Now let’s take a look at how the production system itself works.
  • Let’s take a look at what happens in a typical “push” system.
  • What does the production employee do?
  • Now, what is kaizen? What does that have to do with the TPS>
  • Why does this production system matter to Toyota? What does it do for them?
  • Could another company copy the TPS? Have they? What would it take to copy it well?
  • What recent problems has Toyota had? How are these related to their key resources?