Managerial Finance

Managerial Finance

Note: I need 500 words only for 3.3 and 3.4 on the below question(refer the underlined) the topic to refer is ‘Home Depot’ in USA

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  1. As a group, complete and submit one copy of Group Project, Part 1 via this link. Please submit only one copy per group. Project not submitted via this link will not be graded and will earn a zero grade.
  2. Research and then describe your company’s primary business activities. Include:
    1. A brief historical summary,
    2. A list of competitors,
    3. The company’s position within the industry,
    4. Recent developments within the company/industry,
    5. Future direction, and
    6. Other items of significance to your corporation.
  3. Include information from a variety of resources. For example:
    1. Consult the Form 10-K filed with the SEC.
    2. Review the Annual Report and especially the Letter to Shareholders
    3. Explore the corporate website.
    4. Select at least two significant news items from recent business periodicals