Management Case Study

Target: Case Study Competition

Case Analysis: “Leading Through Change”

Please limit your submission to 10 pages.  Submit a Power Point and a separate bibliography including all research cited in APA format.  

1.) Power Point (Prezi – Google Docs) presentation

a. Team – Student names, contact information

b. Introductory Overview

i. Please provide a general overview of your Team solution

1. Plan of Action or your Strategy – Key Concepts

(Tell us what you are going to tell us)

2. What your suggested ‘elegant’ solution is designed to do (Goals)

a. Using full sentences or bullet points your, present your Team’s proposed solution

(Tell us what you want us to know)

b. What Important obstacles to overcome?

i. Technical Problems?

ii. Resources?

iii. Expertise?

iv. Organizational challenges?

v. Is Technology part of the solution?

3. Background – Logic

a. Value / Benefit – Define

(Tell us what you told us) Summarize

Include data tables

i. Has your solution help Target achieve the goals as defined in the case?

ii. How will your solution fundamentally change Target?

iii. What new advantage or opportunity does your solution provide to Target?

4. Citation Page – Last page list all research – APA format

2.) Please keep your Power Point presentation to a maximum of 10 pages.