Management Book Review

Book Review Assignment

Written Assignment

Select a Management book from the list of recommended books posted in Canvas. Read the book completely, and write a 3 – 4 page paper, discussing the following:

The core premise and concepts from this book

How do the core concepts from this book tie into what you’ve learned in this class? Be certain to cite relevant theories, and class discussion from any topic studied in this course.

What are the three most important ideas you personally learned from this reading?

Why were these three ideas so important to you personally, and how do you intend to use what you’ve learned in real-life? Be specific.

Your overall assessment and rating of this book and why.

Written assignments are submitted through Turnitin and due by 9:30 AM. You will find the link to Turnitin on Canvas.

Grading CriteriaPoint Value
1. Captured the core premise and key concepts of this book concisely and provided a solid foundation for understanding the key principles of the book.20
2. Integrated the content with other course material, citing a variety of relevant theories.20
3. Discussion quality of the three most important ideas you learned from this book.20
4. Discussion quality on application of these principles in real life situations.10
5. Overall Quality Written Quality Comprehension Cohesiveness Comprehensiveness Information flow Overall assessment30

Tips for Success

Double Space

Use sub-headings for each section (helps identify and clarify details)

Use paragraph breaks to distinguish your distinct thoughts

Be precise and concise

Be certain to cover all questions completely

Be certain to cite relevant theories, and exhibit evidence of your comprehension of those theories

Grammar and syntax matter

Use readable font style and size

Relevant Theories

Show evidence that you have read the materials for this course

Show evidence that you understand the materials from this course

Show evidence that you can apply course materials to other contexts.