Management 451

Please I want your help with this assignment 

 Write an essay answering the following two questions:

What is Strategic Thinking? Why is it important to corporate success?

 Make sure to review Marymount’s online Library to answer for these questions

Here is the Marymount’s online Library link :

Your paper needs to have four pages, double space, margins one inch all around:

        –  Page 1: Cover including name of the class, date, name of the school, and your full name. Do not put your name in pages 2, 3, and 4.

        –  Page 2 and Page 3 need to be used to answer the above questions. Make sure to include quotations, citations, etc. to strengthen your arguments.

       –  Page 4: References should include the bibliography you have used presented in a APA format style. At least three references are needed.

Due within 15 hours from now