These are essay questions. Please be detailed in your answers. Type out question first then answer. Use 10-12 point font and include 1 title page for the assignment chapter 6 and 7 questions. You will need your text book for these chapter questions.

Chapter 6 questions

Please answer these two questions. Be detailed in your answers!

1. Why is viewing quality management as a never-ending quest important?

2. Why is it important to build organizational culture around around quality?

Next in the Problems section at the end of chapter 6 please do question 1 only

Chapter 7

Please answer the following questions. Be detailed in your answers!

1. Explain the financial impact of inventory on a firm’s performance.

2. Define Inventory turnover, and provide example.

Next at the end of chapter 7 please do discussion questions number 2, 5, and 6..