Lincoln Douglas

HIST147 Historical Documents – Lincoln-Douglas Debates (10 points)

Due: May 14 by 11:59pm (post response to Canvas)




This assignment assumes you have read Chapter 13 of the online textbook. The historical documents are excerpts from one of the debated between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, both candidates for the US Senate. These excerpts highlight each man’s views on slavery and racial equality. The documents excerpts (file called Lincoln-Douglas Debates – Documents) can be found in the Week Six module. Students should read the excerpts and provide a written response to each of the assignment questions (see below).



The response for each question should be at least 150 words. Students are welcome to go over the minimum word count requirement. If you include the question in your response, it does not count toward the word count requirement. The response should be written in complete sentences. The response should be written in your own words. DO NOT use quotes from the historical documents.



These responses will be evaluated on how well the responses reflect the information presented in the historical documents.


Students should submit their responses as ONE Word doc or PDF file to Canvas.


Assignment Questions


1. How do Lincoln and Douglas differ on what rights black Americans are entitled to enjoy?


2. How does each of the speakers balance the right of each state to manage its own affairs against the right of every person to be free?




The historical documents are in separate files in the Week Six module.