Leadership, Relationship Building, and Virtual Teams

Please review the Discussion Board Participation grading rubric. This is important information that will ensure that you earn maximum points. Your professionally written APA compliant postings, using appropriate sources should provide substantive depth that advances the Discussion. Please edit your posts for grammatical errors before you post. Be sure to review the requirements for each week’s Discussion topic(s). Remember that a post to the instructor is not considered a post to peers, so please be sure that you respond to at least 2 peers for full credit.

In this week’s Reading and learning activities you learned about:

  • The increasingly competitive global economy
  • Why organizations need to be agile to succeed
  • The Marketplace simulation by viewing the Marketplace orientation
  • Your own skills and motivations to succeed

For this first Discussion, you will be looking at the skills and knowledge it will take to lead in the 21st century, including the roles that virtual teams serve in helping organizations to remain competitive and agile. This information will be important to you as you start Marketplace Simulation game play in Unit 2 and will also be a foundation for additional team Assignments that you will be completing throughout the MBA program. To respond to this question you will use all of the readings, videos and other resources that you discover to discuss the following, citing at least 2 scholarly sources in addition to the readings for this week: 

Your Main Response

  • How is the role of leadership changing in the 21st century? What are the main factors that are necessitating these changes?
  • Why are effective teams so critical in supporting the 21st century leaders?
  • Tell us about a successful team you have worked on. What was your role in making the team successful?
  • As you reviewed the information in this week’s Learning Activity, HARVARD MANAGEMENTOR: VIRTUAL TEAMS, tell us how it related to the successful team you were on, and cite 3 new things you learned about how virtual teams can be successful.

Example Responses to Peers to Increase Discussion Success

  • Select at least one successful team example posted by your peers and ask them how they worked together to overcome problems
  • Add onto a cited best practice from a peer with an example of your own
  • Suggest additional resources that peers can use to be more successful as leaders of teams