Leadership Problem

This assignment is an opportunity for each individual to turn the leadership concepts and theories learned in this course into specific leadership action plan in a personal setting. In PALP part 2, students will engage in a full action-learning cycle of 2) action planning and implementation, 3) reflection and learning, and 4) planning for next actions and leadership development now that problem identification has been completed in part 1.

The purpose of this assignment is to help students:
• Apply the leadership concepts and theories to a personal leadership situation
• Develop and implement concrete action plans informed by sound analysis and concepts
• Reflect and learn from their own actions and outcomes, as well as the assessment feedback
• Plan for next action steps and continued leadership development.

The personal action-learning project (PALP) must be synthesized in 6 pages (1 inch margin, double spaced, 12 font-size Times New Roman). The format is important and not complying will lead to an automatic 2 points deduction.

Your final PALP part 2 should: (a) identify and describe a specific real life leadership problem or issue in your current team or academic or professional organization (completed in part 1), (b) analyze and discuss the important characteristics of yourself as a leader, and the individual and organizational factors in the problem, (c) develop and implement a concrete action plan to address the problem based on the course concepts and theories, (d) reflect and learn from the outcomes of your actions, and (e) come up with future plan for next actions and continued leadership development. Be sure to draw on the course concepts and the assessment data as the guidance for your analysis of yourself and the situation, as well as for your action plan.

Leadership Problem

In my current organization, I identified a leadership problem in which to make synchronization between the team members was crucial or challenging. The issue was developed because the team was diverse belonging to different cultures with distinctive values, norms, ideologies, and perceptions, so I was facing problem in forming a team working concept and boosting up collaboration in between them was complex. Due to diverse nature of people failing to define the goal or vision in the team has stifled creativity and has reduced their productivity level up to the broader extent. For instance, individual personality conflicts and the improper group dynamics are the sources of generation of lack of motivation within the team.

Therefore, to manage the team efficiency, motivation, assuring synchronization and better coordination in them was direly needed. Single threaded motivation was required to reduce the conflicts, but understanding how the team members would behave was a tricky task that needs the extensive experience and skill to maintain proper balance by adopting a most suitable approach. I need the right tools for better leadership and to have to add further management skills. I think it is good being a leader to deal with several diverse situations in the presence of a culturally diverse team that enables one to apply the numerous leading approach so that to maintain the better working. It comes up with the opportunity to learn several dimensions of leadership and team management.

It is observed that diversity is associated with different factors such as religions, race, age, language; origin and status so to put the feet in one’s circumstance are quite tricky when it comes to management. Moreover, my leading approach was decentralized so I was facing trouble to gather all the members to arrive at a single point as they have a different opinion and thinking about the working on tasks.