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I want to use the Transactional Leadership theory. All information about strengths should reflect a transcation leader.

I want to use the Transactional Leadership theory.

All information about strengths should reflect a transaction leader. 

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This paper introduces my leadership style using my scores based on the Seven Habits Profile. This reflection will be followed by evaluations of my strengths, weaknesses and changes I can make to maximize my success. I will also be including two short term SMART goals that will improve my leadership practice, as well two specific actions I can take to reach each on my SMART goals.


Seven Habits Profile

The Seven Habits Profile are nine categories that uses a scorecard to determine one’s approach on principles and character. The first two are considered foundational habit, while the remaining seven are what is considered the Seven Habits.

My scorecard goes as follows:

1. Emotional Bank Account:15

2. Life Balance:12

3. Be Proactive:17

4. Begin with the End in Mind:16

5. Put First Thing First:14

6. Think Win-Win: 14

7. Seek First to Understand:11

8. Synergize:17

9. Sharpen the Saw:17

Looking over my scores shows me that there are areas that I can improve on in each category. The categories in which I scored high indicates my willingness and ability to adapt to change and adjust my leadership style dependent on the current situation. Based on my high scores in category 3-Be Proactive, category 4- Begin with the End in Mind, category 8- Synergize and category 9- Sharpen the Saw indicates that I have control of my life, and everything I do is to set myself on a good path for my future as well as take pride in my physical health and well being. I will not be able to accomplish anything great if I don’t take care of ME first. Low scoring categories indicated that I need improvement in those areas, I had a very low score of 12 in category 2- Life Balance and 11 in category 7- Seer First to Understand. I will be discussing five of the seven categories in debt.

Life Balance was a low scoring category for me, I have a habit of committing to opportunities while still being involved with something else. I will over book myself and then must figure out how I will fit everything into my schedule. I tend to not use my time wisely especially with completing tasks, I will get stuck on a task by procrastinating knowing I have other tasks to complete in a timely manner as well. I accomplish what is need at the cost of not being able to have time for leisure activities, family or friends.

Seeking First to Understand is another category I need much improvement with. I tend to seek first to be understood instead of seeking to understand first. With doing that I may ignore the other person and miss their point. I listen to reply not understand. I am quite aware of this and it is something I have been working on. I have come to the realization that I am not very empathic towards others as well. But I do try to have an open mind about other’s viewpoints and opinions. I understand not everyone thinks the same nor have the same mindset as I do. Which is very insightful to see someone else’s point of view compared to mine on a subject, I may learn something new. There’s a saying that you learn something new everyday. And it is appreciated. So, I have been trying and learning how to seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Be Proactive was a high scoring category for me. I feel that I am very in control of my life, yes obstacles may happen, such as my time management skills but for the most part I have control of my actions and thoughts. If it is out of my control I have leaned to let the universe take over, I don’t spend time dwelling on the “what if “of things. I am always searching for ways to improve my life skills and being that I came across the Seven Habits is a great start. I have learned to accept things for what they are rather than what they may seem. In order for me to be successful, I have to figue out what I want to achieve and set a plan place of how I will get myself there.

Begin with the End in Mind is another category I scored high in. This is a component in my everyday life, as a hair stylist I apply the end in my mind in perfecting my styles, using recourse to learn about new techniques, or just constantly trying to improve my work to get the best end results for my clients. I like my clients leaving feeling like, my life isn’t perfect, but my hair is. I try to visualize, plan, organize and write down any short term or long-term goals I may have, such as my weekly goals. For example, I plan to set aside at least 3 hrs. a day devoted to studying for my courses. I do have my time management issues, but I still try to plan just incase any obstlecs occur, I will be able to adapt and adjust to the change. I try to have a clear vision of direction and outcome of things in my day to day tasks.

Synergize meaning “two heads are better than one.” Synergize is the habit of cooperation. It is being open minded, finding new solutions to old problems and most of all teamwork. Putting two or more heads together to achieve a similar goal that couldn’t be reachable alone. I am very open to others perspective and creativity. I like to hear other opinions and ideas that can help us accomplish a common goal. I played basketball since the age of 10, I am a certified team player. Without this habit I probably would be sitting on the bench next to my coach while my teammates get to play. Together we can provide certain results as a team rather than individually. Therefore, synergize is my highest scoring category. I am completely open to the ideas and solutions of others.

Sharpen the Saw, I scored high is this category. Granted I have issues with time management, I do make sure I set aside time for myself even if it means canceling a prior obligation, which is why I do need to learn how to manage my time better. I want to be able to set aside an ample amount of time for myself even if its just 30 mins I need to myself to reflect or meditate on things. Physically, mentally, spiritly and socially I always try my best to set that personal time aside. I can’t accomplish anything if my mental or physical self is not healthy. Being able to renew those energies allows me to balance my life and align my goals better. This also give me room to improve on the other six habits as well as my capacity to produce and handle tasks. Everyday provides me anew opportunity to renew and recharge myself, when I the take time to take care of Me.


Strengths as a Leader

Based on the results from my Seven Habits Profile, I have many strong leadership

characteristics that can and will help me to become a great leader. One strenght is that I value and seek out the insight of others.

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