Leadership Focus Paper

 GMT  Focus Paper Write a six (6) page paper not including the title and reference pages, explaining the leadership necessary to accomplish business goals and maximize organizational performance that includes the following: • Introduction to specific business and organizational performance goals you desire to achieve through leadership. • Research on charismatic, transformational, and situational leadership as the foundational content. • Analysis of the ability of those leadership styles and approaches to accomplish your stated goals. Be sure to connect research to your analysis. • Recommendation for the leadership style most appropriate for you to achieve the business and organizational performance goals you identified. Connecting research to your recommendations will make them stronger. • Conclusion should summarize the primary points of the paper and bring forward a call to action. Please ensure it is written with proper grammar, in APA format (including clear section headings), and includes at least three cited and referenced resources – at least one of which must be a peer reviewed (scholarly) journal article. The overall point distribution for this Assignment will be as follows: • 50% (50 points): Content, focus, use of research, and organization • 30% (30 points): Analysis and critical thinking • 20% (20 points): Writing style, grammar, APA format  In addition to your credible references, the following materials are strongly recommended: • DuBrin, A. J., (2015). Leadership: Research Findings, Practice and Skills. 8th Edition  • Lopez-Zafra, E., Garcia-Retamero, R., & Berrios Martos, M. P. (2012). The relationship between transformational leadership and emotional intelligence from a gendered approach. Psychological Record, 62(1), 97-114. • Peachey, J. W., Zhou, Y., Damon, Z. J., & Burton, L. J. (2015). Forty Years of Leadership Research in Sport Management: A Review, Synthesis, and Conceptual Framework. Journal of Sport Management, 29(5), 570-587.  From your text: DuBrin, A. J., (2015). Leadership: Research Findings, Practice and Skills. 8th Edition, Read the following chapters: • Chapter 3: “Charismatic and Transformational Leadership” • Chapter 4: “Leadership Behavior, Attitudes and Styles” • Chapter 5: “Contingency and Situational Leadership”