Leadership Development Plan

  • Leadership Development PlanLeadership Development Plan
    This paper will allow you to examine your leadership skills and develop a plan for moving forward.
    • Analyze your current leadership skills based on what you have learned in this course
    • Identify your primary style of leadership
  • Identify 2 leadership theories/styles that would be beneficial to your current/future leadership role.
    • Summarize your understanding of both
    • Explain how you would apply both to make you a more effective leader
    • Illustrate 2 positive outcomes that you would expect to occur from each
  • Examine your results from the following assessments completed throughout the term: Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.
    • Summarize each area and identify 2 areas within each assessment you wish to further develop.
    • Identify how you will develop each over the next year and how it will make you a more effective leader
    • Illustrate 2 positive outcomes that you would expect to occur from each
  • Develop a personal leadership philosophy and support your ideas with material from this course and outside research.
    • Provide an example where your leadership philosophy can be applied to lead an organizational change
    • Your leadership philosophy does not have to be any specific leadership model we reviewed. Rather, it should represent your trajectory of leadership as it applies to your career aspirations. Consider your leadership style, personality, career path and the industry you work (or wish to work in) and determine which leadership skills will be most effective.
  • Submit a 5 to 6-page paper double spaced
    • Please provide at least six (6) scholarly references to support your paper. 
    • All references should be used as in-text citations.
    • All work must be completed in APA format.
    • A title page and reference page must be included.

For this paper, I choose Carrefour Company which we already know is the most important retailer in Europe and is supposed to enter into the United Kingdom market. From the country analysis, it indicates that the conditions are better and it can be successful in the market. However, the competition is at present is so high while the opportunities for Carrefour Company are still higher. This company is aware of how to enter into difficult markets with the assistance of various marketing objectives. Moreover, the world sourcing network and also the long expertise in innovation as well as internationalization procedure offer the company with better conditions for better and also sustainable entry.

Marketing objectives assist companies to achieve their goals as well as marketing mix which includes the 4Ps which is the largest framework used in defining the marketing strategies. As they say “to sell a service or a product create a relationship with the consumer” although to create a better and strong consumer relationship. In our current time, it is essential to create and as well maintain consumer relationships (Gomes, 2015). Carrefour Company can be the second largest retail due to its brand product and service range that is imported.

Generally, Carrefour Company three markets in the retail industry and they include household goods market, grocery, as well as personal care products. The grocery market usually considers consumers who have an interest in various foodstuffs for instance vegetables, soft drinks, and also meat. Similarly, the personal care market provides for consumers who have an interest in Beauty products and also toiletries. The household goods market caters to consumers who have an interest in numerous home appliances.

Carrefour Company has its target consumers based on psychological variables, geographical as well as behavioral. In geographical segmentation the company concentrates on serving the urban population .therefore its target markets include the inhabitants of main cities like Dubai. In behavioral segmentation, the company concentrates on serving those who require high-quality foodstuffs as well as customer products. In psychological segmentation, Carrefour caters to the lifestyles, interests, and also values of its customers to recognize its target market. Hence the company aims at consumers with the interest of shopping in a single store that is offering a variety of products (Du, 2019).

Carrefour has also adjusted its products to the culture of Islam to meet the requirements of the Arabic population in Dubai .for example the culture of Islam forbid pork consumption .so the grocery section of the company sells foodstuffs that do not have pork such as halal-certified food products to cater for the population of Arabs. Moreover, the company also transforms its product mix depending on religious holidays as well as seasons .for example for the period of festivals like Ramadan and Eid Carrefour will stock numerous gift products that are reflecting the culture of Arabs to take the benefit of the amplified spending amongst Arabs.

Marketing Objectives

Carrefour Company has set out the objectives it needs to attain for its marketing activities. These objectives are consistent with the target of the company and offer an essential concentration for the employees and also managers.


The company has set clear and specific objectives. This assists manager and also employees maintain focus and as well manage on the objective and also the end outcomes that are needed to be attained. Simultaneously specific objectives will assist managers in determining development skills as well as training requirements in their department.


The objectives at Carrefour Company are measurable .meaning that every objective could be traced for progress .this is essential for the company since it assists in meeting the deadlines. The measurability component is included in objectives by adding including quantifiable standards that determine the progress as well as objectives achievements


The goals of a company are supposed to be attainable in that even when the capability of employees are stretched and stimulating them it must remain promising for the objectives to be achieved .the company’s objectives are attainable in a way that employees are pushed out of their comfort zone nevertheless remains promising to achieve.


Carrefour’s objectives are attainable since they are realistic .meaning that the company establishes objectives considering the constraints as well as organizational resources to attain objectives in time and effectively.


Objectives at the company also have a time-bound because they are set to begin and end at a particular date. The objectives timeliness assists Carrefour in keeping a sense of insistence in employees and also retains them inspired towards attaining the objectives.

The company needs to concentrate on selling more products and services to those offerings as it will be able to raise revenue. For example, within the next one year, it aims on increasing its online sales by 15%. Furthermore, another of its major objectives is expanding its reach as well as gathering more individuals who are familiar with its brand. Also, Carrefour aims at promoting new products and services. Its objective is to sell 500 units of its new products in a period of one month


Du, Y. &. (2019). MAF Carrefour Jordan: management control systems at an early-stage retail company. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies.

Gomes, E. (2015). International market selection of Carrefour (Doctoral dissertation).



Marketing Objectives for Carrefour Company

Syamsree Dileep Gannamani

New England College