Assessment task- Team Report 

Abi, 25 years old, has completed an MBA course at CQUniversity in 2014. In her Marketing Management course, she has learnt about interesting marketing techniques which she intends to apply in launching her own business in July 2015. She will employ two assistants, Sammy to help her manufacture the product and Tom to do the marketing. She has come up with her own brand (‘Abi’s’) mango compote which is made up of green mangoes, curry leaves, mustard seeds, oil, turmeric and sugar. She initially wants to test market the product in a few cities in Australia, then commercialise the product nationally. Abi will initially sell the product in jars of 500g and has $10000 as capital to start the business.

You are required to develop and write a marketing plan for the new product ‘Abi’s’ mango compote to be launched nationally. This is a challenging assignment and it is recommended that students read various academic materials before writing this report. You will be expected to have consulted books, at least 10 relevant academic journal articles, conference proceedings, theses and dissertations to write the report (i.e. support your arguments with theories). It is alright to come up with some fictitious (but reasonable) assumptions about Abi’s business to make your report more interesting.  

Students can follow the following report structure to write the marketing plan:

– title page;

– executive summary;

– table of contents;

– introduce the background information necessary to understand the organization and the product/service you have chosen;

– present the aim and objectives of the report

– present a brief literature review on ‘marketing plans’ (500-800 words);

– do a situation analysis;

– analyse the target market;

– set marketing objectives, formulate a marketing strategy and present the action programs designed to achieve the business objectives;

– write on the implementation and control of the marketing plan;

– write the conclusion and

– list the references.

To enhance the presentation of your assignment, you can use many headings and sub-headings used to specify the information required for each of the above criterion. The assessment marking criteria below should guide you for this assessment task, in particular the weighting attributed to each section of the assignment.

Important Note:

– Selection of literary support from Google, Wikipedia,,,, etc. will be treated very negatively. These are not appropriate and acceptable sources for your academic assignment.