Journal Article Review


You are to review a psychology journal article. The article to review is on D2L. The review should not be longer or shorter than 3 double-spaced typed pages (5 Pages for graduate students). Use 1 inch margins, left right, top, and bottom. You are to use Courier or Times New Roman 12 pt font. You are to use sentences and paragraphs, outlines and bullet points are unacceptable. Journal article reviews are due on the last day of class, April 28th. Please deposit your review in the appropriate dropbox on D2L. The following points should be addressed in your review.

What was the study’s hypothesis? That is, what was the purpose of the study?

Participant information: number, gender, reason they were selected.

Materials used: includes machinery, questionnaires, etc.

Procedure: what exactly did the researchers do and have the participants do?

Results: what did the researchers find?

Discussion: according to the researchers, what is the significance of the findings?

Opinion: what is your opinion of the value of the study and the significance of the findings?