Intrenship Homework

this is 3 pages assingment i need it in 20 houers from now i uplodde two word documents one of them the descreaption of the homework please read it cerfully i highliht the important things i also uploded my midway assingment paper which will be helpful to you to get information from please read it cerfully. This is the final assingment. 

Midway Paper

1- How did you go about getting your internship and what did you learn about job-hunting in the process?

Getting internship was not very challenging because of my ability of network. Therefore, today because of the new technology, getting job or internship is easier than before. For my search for internship, I found that LinkedIn proved to be a good source of information to find the opportunity of internship. LinkedIn is site has users who are ready to share information and hence proved to be a good source of the required information. In addition, it was possible for one to review various experiences and information which also gave a hint on what was to be expected. Essentially, the site was helpful before joining Oxygen Telecom Company.

Through LinkedIn, I was able to learn latest attributes and aspects that must be incorporated while writing a CV. It was learnt that resume writing is a changing process and hence one needs to keep in touch with developing changes. This helps make an impression to the employer. The required formatting of a CV was also learnt. Additionally, through the site, I was able to network with individuals who are already established in the field. They gave some recommendations on the requirements, roles and responsibilities. Finally, I was able to learn how I am supposed to conduct myself during an interview. For instance, I am supposed to give sure answers while responding to questions posed.

2- Describe the organizational culture of your host business. How have you fit into the culture? How does the organizational culture affect the way work gets done?

About the organization culture, there are many aspects of the organizational culture that were learnt which helped one attain personal and career development. It is important to note that the Telecom Company has diversified labor force and hence cultural competence was critical. Interpersonal and social skills were also critical while interacting with other employees not only in the work station but also while in work teams. The company’s culture entails team performance hence attainment of common goals. This means that one must have efficient team-building skills so as to adapt to the culture. There are work teams which are involved in collective goal setting. These goals must be achieved collectively. I am working in the customer service position where individuals were free to meet job description and requirements without much supervision. This depicts an additional aspect of the organizational culture where employees were required to have self-drive. Teamwork and employee self-drive were the two major aspects of the company’s culture that were found. Adjusting to the culture helped one acquire team-building skills and self-drive while meeting daily responsibilities. More so, one was able to enhance interpersonal and social skills due to interactions with diversified employees.

It is also important to mention that there was interdependence between departments which led to joint performance. For example, the Customer Service department linked with Human Resources Department in formulating strategies that is related to the improving of service delivery. Joint performance entailed collective performance of the work teams. There is sharing of responsibilities and resources which also promoted effective interdependence between the teams. It was learnt that sharing of responsibilities is a collective undertaking that entails mutual understanding.

3- Identify and discuss a situation in which you learned something about your:

Communication skills, or Problem-solving abilities, or Decision-making style

There are a number of instances that I was able to learn about communication skills, problem-solving and decision-making. While working with the teams, there were many times during meetings when one was supposed to present findings to the rest of the team members. During this activity, one was supposed to present them clearly and respond to questions which were posed. Being a good listener is a very important part of effective communication skills. Being clear and maintaining an eye contact with the co-workers while speaking to them were also found to be important. Quick decision-making was also required when performing daily responsibility especially when interacting with the customers. For instance, a customer could complain about services and one was supposed to quickly make a decision on the best way of handling them. Finally, problem-solving skills were applied in some instances when some employees came into conflicts majorly when sharing resources. To resolve the conflicts, a working formula on how the resources could be shared proved to be a good solution. It was noted that before resources can be shared among employees, it is important to ensure that a plan is put in place on how they will be shared so as to avoid rise of conflicts.