Interview Questions

ME: FROM CHINA, FEMALE, BE IN USA FOR ABOUT 5 YEARS, right now is graduate

When you write the examples, plz relate to school groups

This section is to help us gain a better understanding of your capabilities. Please find a suitable place to complete the 3 questions below. While answering the questions, please use recent real-life examples and elaborate it from 3 aspects: the situation, your actions and the outcome, using no more than 1500 characters for each question (approximately 250 words).

*1. Describe a situation where you had to deal with multiple tasks/projects within a tight deadline. Explain the situation, your actions and the result.
*2. Think of a situation where you have made a significant contribution to the team’s success. Describe the situation, your role and contribution, and the result.
*3. Provide an example where you creatively addressed a complex problem. Explain the situation, your thought process, your approach and the outcome.