Innovation Mobile Application

Identify an innovation and design a plan for implementing it in an organization in which you are involved, such as your workplace, school, church, or community group. The innovation can be a product, service, process, technology, or management practice. Alternatively, you can create a business model for a new start up. Though your final paper will not be due until the end of the course, you should identify your innovation early on and begin drafting your implementation plan in stages as you work through the course topics. As with your CLC project, you should research and select a model for evaluating both the feasibility of your idea and the implementation plan.

You will submit your innovation idea and implementation plan in a paper of 1,500-2,500 words that includes the following elements:

  1. The Innovation: Describe the innovation (product, service, process, management practice, technology, or startup business idea).
  2. Opportunity: Describe the problem the innovation is intended to address and the opportunity that can be realized through its implementation.
  3. Need: Define the importance of the innovation for ensuring success for you personally and/or for the organization for which it will be developed.
  4. Impact: Forecast the impact your innovation will have on the organization, its employees, processes, and/or how it will meet clients’ needs, create customer values, or improve the organization’s bottom line. How many people will it affect and to what degree? Is this a Radical Innovation or is this an Incremental Innovation?
  5. Implementation Plan: Describe the process you would use to implement the innovation in your organization, or describe your detailed business plan.
  6. Measuring the Impact: Identify how you will measure the impact of your innovation.
  7. Reflection on Learning: Reflect on what you learned through the process of developing and implementing an innovation.

Include at least eight in-text citations from at least five secondary resources from your research.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.