Infrastructure Project

2700 words Harvard referencing

The aim of this project is to identify lessons learned and critical success factors that can be used to improve project management performance for infrastructure projects. Your Final Project includes two major sections: a comparative analysis and your conclusions and recommendations. Your comparative analysis should focus on comparing and contrasting your two projects on the following nine factors:

  • An overview of each project
  • The demand for such infrastructure and the expected benefits to stakeholders
  • A description of the stakeholders interests and involvement and how the stakeholders’ needs were assessed
  • The regulatory and political context
  • Environmental and social implications
  • The financing model adopted
  • Project management execution and control including:
  1. How risks were managed throughout the project life cycle
  2. How project performance was monitored and controlled
  3. Challenges encountered and how these challenges were managed and overcome

Security and safety considerationsPost-implementation asset management

Following the comparative analysis, you should describe your conclusions, the lessons learned on each project, and your recommendations for improving infrastructure project performance on future projects.

you will deliver a report to present the comparative analysis of the two cases, the lessons learned and your recommendations for improving infrastructure project performance based on your project outline

The Final Project will be assessed for:

  • Comprehensiveness
  • Inclusion and resolution of the instructor’s comments
  • Style and grammar
  • Elegance of argument
  • Currency of materials—emerging concepts and events must be included and evaluated in the project
  • Critical analysis of existing literature

Ability to analyse real-life situations through the lenses of the theories and concepts discussed in the module