CMP 230 Portfolio

Information Literacy Portfolio

Information Literacy focuses on quality academic research, which is not achieved casually.

The components are:

Frame effective research questions.

Find relevant information from different sources.

Determine the quality of the information.

Use the results to present information in written or electronic format.

Use APA standards to reference sources so others can read them.

Research Experience

Students will write a brief, 3-5 pages, essay on the following required elements:

· Relate your significant research experience in career and academic settings.

· Name specific research resources and state how you have used each.

· Describe all research-related courses and workshops you have taken in school and/or your place of employment.

· Explain how you have used PowerPoint.

· List your experience creating web pages and the software you have used.

Submit the College’s Request for Undergraduate Prior Learning Assessment form with the portfolio to Jeff Hogan. You should always confer with your advisor before undertaking the portfolio.

It is not permissible to hand in the same work for different courses.

PILOT tutorial

When the student has received the portfolio evaluator’s email address, complete the Introduction and 5 sections of the on-line tutorial at The results of each of the 5 sections should be emailed to the evaluator.


Students will research and write a brief essay (3-5 pages) on the issues around copyright, registration of copyright, fair use, and plagiarism. The paper should be suitable for use by coworkers or students. Use APA format, start your research at and include at least one more on-line resource.

Evaluating Web Sites

Research the following question and prepare a PowerPoint presentation to instruct on the quality of the sites. Include another valuable site on the topic. Presentations should be suitably professional and display your knowledge of PowerPoint’s features, including links, formatting (including color scheme changes), animation, timed transitions between slides, and a printed audience handout or speaker’s notes.

Look at these pages about home schooling and compare the information. Evaluate each site based on the criteria given at

a. “A Personal Opinion about Home Schooling”

b. “Is Homeschool for You?”

c. “Post-secondary Decision of Public School and Homeschool Graduates”

d. Another site that you choose.

Research Project

Research an academic topic. Your results are to be published in an html format. The website must be multi-leveled with internal navigational tools and appropriate file directories. A short paper, 2-5 pages in APA format, on your research and presentation process with on-line references should also be included. One reference must be from the Cambridge College On-Line Library,

Do not submit your Capstone or assignments from other courses.


· Please remember that the entire portfolio must be saved to a disk or CD. Submit a hardcopy of your portfolio and your disk or CD.

· PowerPoint uses a lot of memory. Use animation features sparingly.

Your writingmust demonstrate college-level grammar, structure and follow the APA standards. APA handouts are available at and additional information at

If you don’t have this strong a background you need to enroll in the course.