Industry And Firm Analysis

Industry and Firm Analysis

Company name: O’Reilly Automotive Inc

Ticker/SIC code: ORLY/5531


Question: What are the key trends in your firm’s macro environment that will provide opportunities and pose threats for the industry in the future? Explain in detail how these key trends may affect the industry.(Around half page)


General Guidelines: Please make sure that you have completely answered each question. You may structure your paper as you see fit, but you must use proper headings and sub-headings so that a reader has a clear idea of what issue you are addressing in each section of the paper. For this assignment, you will have to work as a group. The instructor reserves the right to assign different grades to team members if there is clear evidence that these team members did not contribute at all to the project.

Page Limit: A maximum of 3–4 pages of text for Parts 1 and 2 combined, single-spaced. In addition to the four-page limit, you may choose to submit an appendix that provides data or other support to the conclusions and arguments that you make in your paper. An example of an appendix is a detailed financial analysis that supports major points made in the paper. In addition, all groups MUST submit a bibliography of all information sources used in the paper. The bibliography or appendix will not count toward the page limit of the paper. The paper can be structured as follows:

· Main text (4-pages max, single-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 pt)

· Bibliography (no-page limit, typically 1-2 pages) ( Please use APA formatting guidelines for bibliography and in-text citations (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. )

· Appendix (4-pages max).


It is unacceptable to reference analyses performed by others, especially student papers. It is not a credible source of information. Furthermore, the purpose of this assignment is for you to apply what you have learned in class and show your ability to conduct these analyses on your own. I want to see YOUR ideas and work not that of others. First, make sure that your PESTEL analyses are performed at the correct level. Executives have little, if any control over the macro environment, and trends in each of the PESTEL segments tend to affect all firms in a given industry more or less the same. The goal of the analysis is for us to gain insights into what changes are happening in the macro environment and how they may affect the demand, competition, or profitability of the industry, as a whole. Your discussion of PESTEL factors is very broad and can benefit from more research. I expect that you will conduct further research to find supporting examples, data, and/or arguments to back up your claims. You can reference industry reports and data provided by sources such as IBISWorld. Finally, make sure to provide the year of publication in in-text citations. I also expect to see evidence that a good amount of additional research was conducted in revising your paper and you have chosen to rely on credible sources of information.