Individual: Adding A Form And Multimedia

This Needs to Be Done Thoroughly.

Individual: Adding a Form and Multimedia

This Needs to Be Done Thoroughly.

Create a form to collect information from your users (e.g. name, address, and phone.) Be sure to include the code to validate that form. <~~ THIS SECTION NEEDS TO BE USED WITH

Include multimedia appropriate to the site.  Needs to be done on a NOTEPAD along with the current work from last week. <~~ THIS SECTION NEEDS TO BE USED WITH

Also include a One Page Summary on how forms could be used in the company website. <~~ This needs to be done in a word document. NO PLAGIARISM! 


The purpose of this website is to make women feel and look good.

The Targeted Audience will be Women.Layout of each page in the site The layout will be 2 pages one that describes all about the company and what we stand for. The second will be pictures of the latest trends. Storyboard or mockup for each page One Page with information all about the company. The next will be a weekly rotation of our sale items. How the pages will be linked together to create one cohesive site Html links HomeNewsContact

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Dr. Ragin is one tough cookie! Thanks for trying to help me as much as possible! It is greatly appreciated!!!!Welcome All!