In this essay you will compare the destination country (USA) and the country of origin for your business indicated on your preliminary report (Canada ) in terms of HOFSTEDE’s DIMENSIONS APPROACH. This is similar to the activity you have worked on in class on the same concept. You may use a point scheme (as we did in the Acticity) to summarize your report.

TOTAL GRADE: 25 MARKS (10 marks for relevant comparison and content including the specific ideas and material covered in the essay; 5 marks for formatting, grammar and presentation; 5 marks for relevant and meaningful references; 5 marks for individual research, ideas and comments) 

The essay must fulfill the following requirements:

1. 2 pages (at the most).

2. Font: Times New Roman, Font size 11, 1.5 line spacing.

3. Must be submitted in .doc or .pdf format

5. Must contain specific data or information related to your business and the countries involved. Specific ideas and information related to your topic will be rewarded with high grades.For general remarks and or content an average grade will be given.

6. Grades will be deducted for missing or incomplete references. Must follow APA style reference style otherwise there will be a grade penalty


the company name is Fast Ride

compare between USA AND CANADA 

– YOU HAVE TO USE THE BUSINESS PLAN than I will attached for you.

– use the link below to get information from it.

– there is a sample for you to know how it has to be look like.