Important Project 

so is a 3500 words project you should focus on this project very in details… you should read the post and focus on what i wrote you have to include not only the infomations i wrote but add more things (relevant information related to the main question  … as is a big project… you have to include as much things as u can but relevant not only to fill the words count … dont repeate same things you have to be critical and evaluate everything effectively … there is a video please have  a look on it my tutor gave to me as is related to my project please watch it…. stucture the project nicely, dont write everything in one paragraph structure it in a way that let the reader want to read so when you talk about something new do separete paragraph and title it . references in harvad style 

Independent Project Business

Is a 3500 words is my dissertation so should be perfect including all relevant information’s

This Project will be focused on Coffee Companies but the main QUESTION for this project will be : “ ARE COFFEE COMPANIES JUMPING ON THE ENVIROMENTAL BANDWAGON “ ? answer this question,

You going to be focusing on 3“ companies” in UK (United Kingdom)

1. Costa Coffee

2. Starbucks

3. Caffe Nero

You need to write about those three places ( Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero) if they are saying that they are environmentally friendly or they are actually friend.

· What they said they do for what they actual doing depend on the environment sources of coffee.

· Processing of bins

You should be answering this question ARE COFFEE COMPANIES JUMPING ON THE ENVIROMENTAL BANDWAGON “ ? answer this question,

I mentioned some information that you should include but you also need to include more relevant things according to the question not only the one I mentioned but more and more information that shows my understanding of this project … everything relevant to coffee trade ..

Add references and in text citation between 20-30 references this video you have to watch it is very useful for this project …. Focus on coffee, plastic cups straws, tax, revenue ,recycle, environment , profit, turnover, competitors , and add more relevant information’s for the project , should be evaluated and analysed effectively .

· Abstract

· Introduction ….First you going to write what is this project about what is going to shows

· What is the aim of this project

· Talk about the companies not history but according to the question

· You can talk about each company in a paragraph then compared them according to profit, turnover, etc…:

· Major companies consent with profit how much money they spend ?

· Major players– Costa, Starbucks, Caffe Nero, who are the major player between them depending on the TURNOVER and compare them in details ( you write about all of them then you say the comparison between them ).

· You should mention about (plastic cups, straws, etc)

· Where they get the coffee from and how

· If they recycle the coffee used, the cups, etc…

· write about turnover, profit, and bad environment.

· Are they friendly with the environment

· Conclusion


· Use Tutor2u videos “Price volatility” -The Coffee Market, and video “Economics of Latte Levy- Analysis and evaluation Paragraphs. ( coffee cups).