Question 1

Imagine you are an analyst for the U.S. Army and have been tasked with developing performance measures (as part of an overall performance measurement undertaking) associated with enlistment goals. Due to your expertise with research methods, you have been entrusted with setting the criteria for success! Address the following areas:

· The methods used to collect data and why they are appropriate for the undertaking, the organization (the Army), as well as for public administration in general.

· Key considerations that will need to be kept in mind when reviewing the data to ensure that it is appropriate for your analysis purposes.

· Processes and/or methods that would be utilized for analyzing the data.

· Rationale for the inclusion of the performance measures that will be used to assess the data.

· A working definition of each method listed in your response.

Your response must be at least 300 words in length.

Question 2

Compare and contrast qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as the tools associated with each approach. Provide examples of how these research methods may be used in the public sector.

Your response must be at least 150 words in length.

Question 3

During the term, you analyzed public administration program data for universities in Alabama. This time, you will be exploring universities in Mississippi. You do not need to locate the data this time (please find it below). Answer and calculate the following:

· Discuss the general significance of the terms range, mean, median, mode, and standard deviation

· Calculate range, mean, median, mode, and standard deviation for graduation rates at the included universities

· Discuss how any outliers that may be present could impact your results

Your written response must be at least 150 words in length.

UniversityAverage Annual CostGraduation RateSalary After Attending
Millsaps College22,2926948,100
University of Mississippi13,9296042,700
Mississippi State University16,1925938,300
Mississippi College16,6935938,300
Belhaven University17,7614337,300
University of Southern Mississippi13,1784636,400
Mississippi University for Women10,6844534,100
Delta State University12,8093733,700
Alcorn State University15,3883231,100
Jackson State University15,3803630,000
Rust College9,7843624,100
Mississippi Valley State University13,4123123,200