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 Stanching the Decline of T&E Teachers The number of universities granting T&E undergraduate degrees in the U.S. has plummeted from 81 in 1988 (Moye, 2017) to 29 in 2016 (Rogers, 2017) (a 64% decrease); and the number of T&E BS/BA degrees awarded in the U.S. has fallen from 815 in 1995- 96 to 206 in 2015-16 (Moye, 2017), a startling drop of 75%. T&E faces an existential challenge. Addressing CT not only will align curriculum and instruction with societal and workforce needs, but has the potential to expand the breadth of our teaching cohort, an issue critical to the survival of T&E education. Young people interested in CS, programming, and data science could serve as a new T&E teaching constituency. This new cohort could add immeasurably to the origination of design problems based on actionable insights from data and the subsequent data-driven analysis and optimization of solutions